Maysen & Borowski Group[

Since its inception, Maysen & Borowski Group (M&B Group) has maintained a strong focus on the emerging economies. 

MB Group focuses on three key main areas;

  • Securing capital for companies (Seed Capital, Early stage or Later Stage).
  • Securing investment opportunities for companies looking to expand to emerging economies.
  • Corporate advisory services tailored to emerging markets.  The company is uniquely positioned as a portal for companies seeking to expand to Africa.  

M&B Group has been involved in African project development across multiple countries, providing project development, management, advisory services for commercial, government, and not-for-profit companies.

M&B Group's global reach provides a unique opportunity for clients to access a wider capital and investment market.

Maysen & Borowski Group

       Our Focus

  • Capital markets
  • Project development
  • Corporate advice